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From: Phil Rushton

Are you sick and tired of being made false promises by the so called “Betting Experts”?

You know what I’m talking about all those promises of £100,000s in the bank, fancy sports cars and the freedom to quit your job.

But is your account flush with cash? Is there a Ferrari parked in the drive? Have you quit your job??

Of course not! Because…

95% of betting systems are a complete waste of time.

Don’t you just hate paying good money for some ridiculous 4 page “Betting System”, that looks like a child came up with it?

Or subscribing to betting tips that seem like they were picked out of a hat, and you’re just thinking, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

And when you inevitably lose, you feel absolutely rotten.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your betting balance rapidly dwindle to nothing, all thanks to some idiot selling you a “Betting System” that doesn’t work!!

We all know what its like to lose a bet, it happens now and again to the best of us.

But to lose week after week, month after month, following someone who claims to be a betting expert! Its frustrating and makes you ANGRY!!

And to add insult to injury, not only will these so called “Betting Experts” sell you their useless strategies, but then if you so as much as question the theory, they completely ignore your emails and offer ZERO explanation
to why they peddle such CRAP!

It’s a sad state of affairs, but many betting system sellers are interested in one thing alone and that’s putting money in their own greedy back pocket!!

If you try and Google some of the products you’ve bought in the past, no doubt the sites not around anymore, or the results have gone downhill.

There is a whole graveyard of past failed systems and tipsters, as eventually the punters figure these sites out for what they are, a COMPLETE waste of time and money.

I mean for once..

Wouldn’t it be nice if for once a promise was actually kept?

Just for once, for someone to cut the bulls**t and deliver a betting service that actually made YOU
a profit, that was worth your time and showed a fantastic return on your investment.

I know it sounds like a dream right? But..

All this CAN and WILL change if you start listening to the REAL betting experts who actually know what they are talking about.

And ignore the chancers, the lowlifes and the scumbags who will rob you blind.

Stick with those who actually deliver you great results, fully research their products and give 110% to improving your betting profits…

Here at we pride ourselves in offering a high quality professional football tipster service.

We have researched and tested this service for over a YEAR, to ensure you get the very best, top notch quality betting tips.

Long term profitability is our number 1 goal and we want to make you profits not just for a few days or a few months, but for years!!

Just last season we made a staggering £19,873 in pure TAX FREE profit and we aim to match that feat this season!

The amount of winners we’ve had so far is staggering and the cash is flowing like a tap!!

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So how the HELL do we do it? What makes us part of the 5% of successfull betting services?

What is the secret to betting success?

Well despite what you might have heard from other system sellers about how easy and simple is it to be successful at betting we found the EXACT opposite.

Its tough, incredibly tough. So if you’ve had losing runs, been struggling to find a betting system that works or are always down in cash each month, ITS NOT YOUR FAULT.

Despite what you may have heard. Hardly anyone is TRULY a successful professional bettor.

The greedy bookies fix it so its impossible for the average punter to make even a modest profit, while the unscrupulous betting system sellers do nothing but o ffer you false hope.

The only way we have managed to be so successful at and make almost £20k in pure profit last season is through tremendous hard work and discipline.

Despite how tough it is we’ve proven its 100% possible to make regular profits betting on football.

And finally after over a YEAR of research we are ready to share all our tips with you, so you can repeat our success!

We have a dedicated experienced team of tipsters who do all the mind numbing long hours of research and analysis, make all the difficult decisions and narrow down the very best bets each and every week.

YOU barely have to lift a finger to repeat our success!!

All you have to do is…


Open Email


place bets


Collect Wins

It really is THAT simple.

For what we do, there is no system or formula that we can put into words.

Instead, what we offer you is access to an elite team of tipsters who are committed to making you effortless long term profits betting on football.

I have previously proven how to make a profit on the under/over 2.5 goals market with my other football site Football Betting Master which has made as much as £25,622.25 a YEAR and received excellent feedback from our subscribers.

Despite the success and continued profit of this site I felt restricted, I knew of many more markets in football that could be exploited.

With meticulous testing of a variety of football markets our brand new site was born. Which is the ONLY service you need to profit from football betting.

With Football Tipster, you can expect to win for a change and for your bookmakers accounts to be stuffed with £1,000s in cash!

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Latest Results 14/18 Winners & £2380 in Profit!!

League Home Away Bet Type Odds Score Result Points Points Profit
England Prem Manchester City Everton Man City to win 1.62 1|0 Won 50 31
England Prem Liverpool Sunderland Liverpool to win 1.57 0|0 Lost 50 -50
Bundesliga Bayern Munich Bayer Leverkusen 1|0
Scotland Champ Rangers Cowdenbeath Double – Bayern & Rangers to win 1.53 1|0 Won 50 26.5
Spain Prem Real Madrid Celta Vigo 3|0
France Ligue Une Marseilles Metz Double – Madrid & Marseilles to win 1.62 3|1 Won 50 31
Denmark Prem Brondby Silkeborg Brondby to win 1.57 1|0 Won 50 28.5
Holland Prem Ajax Willem II 5|0
Holland Prem Dordrecht PSV Double – Ajax & PSV to win 1.68 1|3 Won 50 34
England Prem Chelsea Hull City Half time/Full time – Chelsea / Chelsea 1.62 2|0 Won 50 31
England Prem Leicester City Manchester City Man City to win 1.5 0|1 Won 50 25
Italy Serie A Juventus Sampdoria 1|1
Holland Prem Ajax Utrecht Double – Juventus & Ajax to win 1.72 3|1 Lost 50 -50
Spain Prem Getafe Barcelona 0|0
Scotland Champ Cowdenbeath Hearts Double – Barcelona & Hearts to win 1.68 pp Lost 50 -50
Holland Prem PSV Twente PSV to win 1.62 2|0 Won 50 31
England Prem Manchester United Liverpool Man United to win 1.8 3|0 Won 50 40
England Prem West Brom Man City Man City to Win 1.55 1-3 Won 50 27.5
Belgium Prem Lierse Club Brugge Club Brugge to win 1.5 0-6 Won 50 25
England Prem Arsenal QPR 2-1
Scotland Champ Livingston Hearts Double – Arsenal & Hearts to win 1.82 0-1 Won 50 41
England Prem Manchester United Newcastle 3-1
England Prem Leicester City Tottenham Double – Man United to win & DC Tottenham 1.81 1-2 Won 50 40.5
England Prem Southampton Chelsea 1-1
England Prem West Ham Arsenal Double – DC Chelsea & Over 2.5 WH v ARS 2.04 2-1 Won 25 26
England Prem Manchester City Burnley 2-2
England Prem Tottenham Manchester United Double – Man City to win & DC Man United 1.61 0-0 lost 50 -50

This is exactly what you get with the Football Tipster service:


  • Consistent Profits of up to £19,873 a year!! With no long losing runs!
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  • Winners at odds ranging from 1/2 – 17/2 (1.50 – 9.50 Decimal)
  • Coverage of English Premier League, as well as many european and international leagues and tournaments.
  • Personal email support. Any help or advice needed, just ask!
  • Tips provided 52 weeks a year.
  • A giant grin on your face as you refresh your betting bank and see the latest winnings come in!!

One of the main reasons I am launching this service is that I get a buzz out of helping others. It’s great to receive so many positive emails and support from our members and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Just have a look through a few of the emails we’ve received about our tips from happy members:

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We want YOU to be our next big winner! So now the all important question…

How much is this going to cost?

I see lots of tipsters charging an extorniate fees, and maybe some people think “well, if its expensive it must be good”. DONT fall into this trap, some of the most expensive tipsters are the worst!!

I want this product to be accessible to everyone from beginners to betting experts, whatever your income bracket I want you to be able to get your hands on our stunning tips.

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